Online Surveys

ARG SurveyService is proficient in online survey design, programming and hosting including the following:

  • Designing survey including wording/logic according to study objectives
  • Programming survey including insertion of visual and audio media
  • Designing emails including response oriented copy
  • Acquisition of sample to be representative of target audience
  • Integration of client provided sample
  • Respondents provided unique id for survey completion
  • Real time statistics including survey views, length and completion rates
  • Tracking response rates and sending reminder e-mails
  • Providing relevant survey incentives including drawings and gift cards
  • Sample management
  • Inbound toll-free number for support in completing survey
  • Daily data management, data analysis and reporting
  • Survey data dashboard provided upon request to enable client monitoring of survey results in real time

Telephone to Online Survey Research

  • Respondents screened and recruited via the telephone and sent an e-invite with link and password to complete survey online