Central Location Tests

Our Central Location Test Facility and Test Kitchen are able to accommodate any type of testing requirements. The test kitchen is large, with ample preparation area and power capabilities.

The facility includes the following:

  • Facility able to accommodate testing of large size items including furniture and fixtures
  • Supermarket shelving, freezers and refrigeration units
  • One-way Mirrors for observation purposes
  • Three home style ovens, microwaves, and 220 lines for deep fryers and other heavy duty equipment
  • High speed Internet access
  • CAPI and web based interviewing
  • Secure product storage facilities
  • Flexible facility able to accommodate a large number of respondents which can be set up classroom style, in secure booths or in an type of configuration required.
Test Kitchen
Test Facility

Our staff has extensive experience with recruiting, setting up and executing Central Location Tests including product preparation, acquisition of equipment required and administering complicated product rotations. The following is a description of our staff that is responsible for Central Location Tests:

Project Managers

  • Have an average of 15 years experience setting up and coordinating a variety of central location studies, taste tests, simulated stores, sensory tests, and In-home use product placements.

Data Base Coordinator

  • Proprietary respondent data base featuring more than 60,000 respondents segmented by demographics, selected product usage and complete household history regarding study participation.

Recruiting / Interviewing

  • Quality recruitment to your specifications
  • Trained / experienced recruiting specialists
  • One-on-one interviewers with an average of 10 years experience

Central location tests can be set up in any required market in the United States and Canada. Please see Field Management services for further information.