• SurveyService has trained, experienced recruiting specialists able to get past "The Gatekeeper," find low incidence respondents, and do the detective work required to find that exact respondent who meets all necessary requirements.
  • We are very proud of our show rate. The ability of our recruiters to be able to differentiate between someone who may be a "no show" and someone who is truly interested in participating in the research is another differentiating feature of our staff. This along with our follow through after the initial recruit including confirmation letters and telephone calls insures a successful show rate.
  • National recruiting for on-site and on-line focus groups, in-person IDI's, web-based IDI's, shop-a-longs and ethnographic research.

We use many different types of sample to recruit for qualitative research including:

  • Our proprietary respondent data bases
  • Client supplied sample
  • Purchased sample from sampling sources we have researched and developed relationships with that provide sources for specific types of job responsibilities, interests, demographics, etc.
  • Association and business directories

Our Proprietary Respondent Data Base

  • Our proprietary respondent database contains more than 60,000 respondents segmented by demographics, selected product usage, and complete household history regarding study participation. In addition SSI has specific data bases of Business- to- Business respondents including teachers, physicians, HR specialists and other specific job functions.
  • We continually update and keep current our respondent data bases including email addresses and other pertinent information.