Focus Group Facility

While the most important aspect of a focus group is having the correct respondents that meet all required qualifications in the group, another key to the success is the facility itself, one that is able to accommodate the needs of the clients, the respondents and the moderator. Our facilities are clean, bright and comfortable and have received outstanding ratings from our clients in the customer satisfaction research we conduct.

The Facility:

  • Tiered, comfortable, client viewing room that can seat up to 12
  • Double pane glass for ultimate soundproofing
  • Can comfortably seat 12 respondents
  • Light tested decor to insure optimal video recording quality
  • Flexible facility able to accommodate any type of research setting including: traditional conference table style, living room setting, classroom style, child or youth oriented, and any other type of in-context setting

  • Wireless high speed internet access
  • Dual monitor set-up for respondent use and simultaneous client viewing for usability testing
  • Focus Vision video streaming for off-site viewing of focus groups, mini-groups, IDI's, etc.
  • Files of video and audio recordings can be provided

Our Staff:

  • Experienced, mature focus group project coordinators who anticipate your needs and are readily available when needed during the groups to attend to your specific requirements
  • ARG SurveyService has experienced moderators and in depth interviewers on staff with an average of ten years experience conducting IDI's and facilitating large groups.