Field Management

We have developed relationships with other marketing research firms that meet our high standards in terms of their facilities, staff and capabilities. Through these relationships we are able to effectively manage any type of qualitative or quantitative single or multi-market project both domestically and globally.

Our capabilities include:

  • Selection of field sites and obtaining competitive bids within markets
  • Design of respondent screeners and questionnaires and preparation and distribution of study instructions
  • Schedule and coordinate setup of studies, project materials, and equipment
  • Respondent recruitment, reminder call/email and confirmation letters
  • Distribute surveys/test materials to field sites and provide training/technical support
  • Conduct on-site and off-site quality control including auditing and validations to ensure proper administration of questionnaire and test product
  • Monitor daily progress and provide reporting
  • Compilation of data as required
  • Validations and final billing and processing of any payables including respondent incentive