Analytic Support

Programming/Analytic Support

ARG SurveyService's experienced on-staff programmers and analysts utilize a variety of software packages to best meet your research and informational needs.


  • Program across multiple platforms CATI, CAPI, Internet
  • Provide survey(s) prior to fielding for testing and approval via remote access
  • Able to program and manage multi-site CAPI studies
  • Trouble-shooting and support

Data Processing
  • Data entry, cleaning, verification
  • Coding of open end responses
  • Data dictionary development
  • Ability to compile data in multiple formats, SPSS, Excel, ASCII, etc.
  • Banner/stub tabulation of data
  • Report ready tables
  • PowerPoint charts/graphs

  • Produce banner/stub data tables featuring:
    • Statistical testing, including t-test, z-test, ANOVA and Chi-Square
    • Weighting, sorting, netting of rows and horizontal and vertical percentaging
    • Produce complete variable distribution showing percentages, cumulative percentages and numerous descriptive statistics.
  • Graphing/Charting of results in PowerPoint
  • Prepare report-ready tables

Analytic Capabilities
  • Univariate/Multivariate Statistical Analysis utilizing IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Market Segmentation Derivation - Conduct analysis to identify variables that are the best predictors of measured behavior and develop actionable segments.
  • Derived Importance For Satisfaction Research - Utilize regression analysis to identify predictors of overall satisfaction with a product or service. The results are plotted on a quadrant for easy identification of factors to work on to impact overall satisfaction and ultimately retention.