About SurveyService

Training and Quality Assurance

All ARG SurveyService staff participate in an extensive, ongoing training program. Our training program and the trainers themselves are continually monitored and assessed to assure that training is current and effective in producing the quality end product required by our clients for both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Our training program includes:

  • Company standards and practices
  • Basic marketing research questionnaire administration skills
  • Communication skills/Listening and speaking
  • Insights Association Best Practices and Ethics Standards
  • HIPPA regulations for any type of health care related research
  • Security/Confidentiality standards
  • Study documents and materials security/Accuracy of recording responses
  • Administering questionnaire pertaining to sensitive subjects with sensitivity in an unemotional, non-judgmental manner.

Quality Assurance

We have a formal, documented, Q/A process which is led, managed and implemented by our Q/A Manager that is continually evaluated by our Executive Staff. Process includes:

  • Observation, evaluation and continual review of Q/A training, trainers and evaluation tools.
  • On floor and on site presence of Q/A staff to continually monitor and implement additional training in areas and for staff identified as needing additional training.
  • On-going education to insure that all staff are current in their knowledge of privacy and legislative issues.

Interviewer Evaluation

Interviewer evaluations are an on-going process from hiring assessments to project performance reviews and annual performance reviews.

At the end of each study, the project manager completes a study evaluation of each interviewer's performance. Information is used to track interviewer performance and provide a tool to use for further training and education.

For telephone studies, silent monitoring is conducted of each interviewer's work with the completion of documented performance evaluations of all staff.

Periodic dual recording of responses to assure that responses are recorded exactly as stated with any discrepancies reviewed with staff and additional training implemented to improve performance.