About SurveyService

About ARG SurveyService

ARG SurveyService, founded in 1957, is regarded as a source for obtaining accurate information provided by experienced research professionals. Extensive research experience, exceptional facilities, and comprehensive support services provide the elements necessary to create an effective research partnership.

Years of continuous growth have served to reinforce our firm belief that the only type of research that merits analysis is that which is collected by adhering to standards of excellence and strict business ethics.

ARG SurveyService emphasizes education and training coupled with experience and leadership to successfully meet the goals of our organization and our clients. We strongly value the skills and contributions of our employees, and know that our future is dependent upon their continued learning, growth and success. ARG SurveyService is committed to being professionally and socially responsible in the communities and professional organizations in which we work, live and belong. We take pride in ourselves and the companies we serve.

Mission Statement

ARG SurveyService is a trusted partner that is dedicated to providing insights, marketing research and information services using standards of excellence and strict business ethics as guiding principles. Our work enables businesses to make strategic decisions that support the achievement of their corporate goals.

Standards and Certification

SurveyService, is a member of and fully supports and abides by the Ethical Standards and Best Business Practices of the following Associations:

  • Insights Association
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA)

ARG SurveyService is a New York State Certified WBE Owned Business Enterprise.